Foundations and Building Footings

Foundations and Building Footings in Petersfield, Farnham and the surrounding areas

Professional foundations and building footings

JS Groundworks has the expertise to install any kind of building footings or foundations in the Surrey and Hampshire region. Since our establishment in 1995, we have worked with a wide range of private, domestic and commercial clients, tailoring our approach to suit any specific requirement. Our groundwork contractors share more than 40 years of specialist experience. As such, we have the ability to lay any kind of footing and foundation installations, be they for new builds, extensions or an array of other structures.

Experienced groundwork contractors

Based near the Surrey and Hampshire border, in Bordon, gives us direct access to numerous key service locations such as Farnborough, Farnham, Guildford, Haslemere, Petersfield and the neighbouring towns and villages.

As such, it remains essential for property owners to invest in experienced groundwork contractors with a proven track record. This not only results in outstanding groundworks built to last, it also represents a wise long-term investment.

Foundations & Footings

The difference between footings & foundations

In our role as groundwork contractors serving Farnham, Haslemere, Petersfield and the surrounding areas, we often encounter misconceptions about building footings and foundations. To clarify, these terms do not have an interchangeable quality. Put in the simplest form, all building footings are types of foundation, but not all foundations are footings.

We most commonly use building footings with shallow foundation installations. As foundational units constructed from brickwork, concrete or masonry, footings sit beneath the base of a wall or column, distributing its load over a large area.

Conversely, foundations connect the superstructure with the ground, transferring the gravitational load from one to the other. Foundations come in either shallow or deep styles. Our groundwork contractors utilise the most appropriate option depending on the type and size of the superstructure as well as the soil type at hand.

Our Foundations & Footings Services

JS Groundworks carries out foundation and footing installations of any kind, placing your specific needs at the centre of our service, tailoring our approach around them. Some of the most common foundation installations we lay include:

  • Building Footings
  • Strip Foundations/Footings
  • Raft Foundations
  • Piled Foundations
  • Trench-Fill Foundations

From Bordon to Farnham, and from Haslemere to Petersfield, JS Groundworks handles shallow and deep foundation requirements for construction projects of any kind. To view our wider range of services, please visit the more services page.

Foundations & Footings

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