Terms and Conditions

Standard Terms and Conditions of Trade for Labour/Plant/Material Contracts

  1. We undertake to liaise with local authorities and utilities in order to execute the contract. The Client agrees to take responsibility for local authority and utility consents where necessary.
  2. We undertake to implement a solution to the customer’s specification. The Client agrees to ensure that up to date information and drawings are available to the delivery teams.
  3. Our prices are subject to VAT unless exemption is applied. Proof of exemption/ reduction is required for NewBuild and renovations.
  4. Our prices include the liaison with Local authorities, Utilities and Third Party Agents, provision of temporary signage, barriers, road plates, testing and commissioning of new services.
  5. Any investigation work or trial holes to be carried out on a daywork basis.
  6. Health, welfare and secure storage by client. We would expect site security if deemed necessary. Site perimeter fencing is the responsibility of the client unless by arrangement.
  7. Temporary access roads, hardstandings etc by client.
  8. Setting out, line & level by client or their appointed engineer/representative.
  9. All traffic management by client.
  10. Point for disposal of surface water provided by client.
  11. Temporary power and water by client.
  12. Off site road cleaning by client.
  13. Excluded are abnormal ground conditions:-
    • Hard material (unless there is a quoted item).
    • Underground services live or redundant.
    • Unstable ground.
    • Running silt or sand.
    • Excessive groundwater.
  14. Where rates include for earthwork support we have only allowed for normal support that can be inserted after excavation has been carried out.
  15. Payment profiles vary from By return, upon completion, stage or Fortnightly payments as agreed by prior arrangement. In the event of non payment, we reserve the right to recover our supplied materials and goods. Company Directors are personally responsible for payment of goods.
  16. Our price is based on a single continuous phase/project without additional transport costs for return visits. Additional visits at £250.00 per visit.
  17. We will not be responsible for excessive material wastage in poor weather/ ground conditions i.e. unstable sides to excavation.
  18. A Standing Time charge may be invoked in the event of excessive delays outside of our control.